1. D

    Animal Cum as Lube

    Does anyone else think about how fun it would be to use animal semen for lube? I kind of wish horse semen wasn't so expensive. I feel like it would be super fun to just slick my dick up with it and play the day away.
  2. bunnymundpaws

    Using lube on dog Knot

    Has anyone ever used lube on dog knot?
  3. P

    Do you use lube?

    Women of Zooville, Do you use lube or do you get wet enough for penetration usually?
  4. liltransfag

    Birthday Ideas

    Hi there! My Birthday is next week and I'm getting a decent chunk of change around that time, so I was wondering if anyone had any good "Birthday Present To Myself" reccomendations? I'm open to: Toys, Kink Gear, Lube Recommendations, and fun things to do in the GTA!! Limit is about $600 Max. (I...
  5. WolfLikeBehaviore

    What is the best and safest type of lube for anal on dogs

    water based? silicone?
  6. D

    Diy dog lube

    What are some good diy anal lube recipes for anal dog sex?