1. Sniffr_Pig


    How's it hanging? I'm 37yo gay guy from London. Have always had an attraction towards fit male K9s, I'll try anything twice
  2. T

    East London, 28, male

    Hey everyone! Been a lurker for a while. Making a thread, hoping to meet some guys round east London who might be up to chat, get coffee. More. How’s it going?
  3. C

    Hey from London

    Hi all, Recently signed up to this out of curiosity after hearing about it on the Zooier than Thou podcast. Im a gay guy in his 30s into video games, drawing and TV shows. This is all kinda new to me. Think I've had certain feelings towards dogs for some time but have kinda been repressing...
  4. FyuR

    Zoo Newbie 28m London

    Hi everyone. Been a fan of zoo for... let's just say a long time and came across this site (giggity) by accident so maybe it's a sign I need to talk to more folks and potentially fulfill some fantasies. I'm 28/m living in North London but I'm from Newcastle originally. I'm bi, I don't lean...