1. TheHydra

    Legal status of Zoophile pornography in Australia these days specifically in Queensland

    It's been a long time since I checked the laws or can even find resources that detail what's legal or illegal these days I know recently NSW outlawed all Zoophile and Beastality content but I'm unsure of the status in Queensland or any other state at this point and googling it most likely isn't...
  2. doggoneguy

    Got banned on grindr…?

    Hi all! Maybe you can help me and tell me if there’s still hope? I got home to finding out that I had been banned on grindr tonight, which was kinda devastating because I’ve been using it for regular hook-ups, but also seeking people with dogs who would be into me messing around with them and...
  3. E

    Zoo vacation!

    Where on earth can someone go on vacation to experience being knotted in relative safety?
  4. S

    Legality in Canada?

    can't find answer anywhere anyone know if viewing zoo pornography is legal in Canada? aware the physical act is illegal, not sure about online content
  5. VadiaNoCio

    where are we free?

    I would like to know if there are countries where our love for animals is legal, could you tell me which ones they are?
  6. R

    Wie sieht es mir der Legalität in DE aus?

    Hallo. Es gibt im englischsprachigen Bereich einige Erzählungen darüber, dass Zoo in DE solange legal ist, solange das Tier nicht dazu gezwungen wird. Einige reden reden deswegen darüber wie gerne sie in DE leben würden. Allerdings findet man online nichts aktuelles dazu. Jegliche Recherche...
  7. barkeby

    Safety while browsing/legality concerns in CA, USA

    Hello all, I joined not long ago but just want to create this thread to see if anyone knows of the legality of browsing/downloading non self created zoo porn in California. I read Ca penal code section 286.5, but I could only find from 2019 and wouldn't be suprised if it has been updated since...
  8. 6xxxmikeyx


    Is zoo porn legal?
  9. L

    Is this illegal and am I doing something bad?

    By actively seeking out this site and its content, am I breaking the law? Could I get arrested? Obviously, other users on the site take precautions like VPN or TOR and other methods of anonymity. I'm not talking about getting caught or being careful. Just flat out, is this illegal? The...