1. ZooAdicto

    Now zoo is legal in Spain!

    [ENGLISH AND SPANISH VERSION]: Ok. Hay un tema de actualidad ahora en España que, dado que tiene lugar por estos lares, quiero abrir este hilo en español. Aunque también me gustaría conocer el punto de vista de todas las personas que hablais inglés; y por eso abro este hilo bilingue jeje...
  2. R

    [USA] Any interstate transportation of non domestic species is being threatened Dogs, cats and livestock are exempt. This will affect even conservation programs. Please, reach out to your senators.
  3. R

    Jefferson County (Alabama) arrest Another one linked from reddit () Someone is saying she was turned in by her husband who obtained a photo/video but...
  4. B

    about the law and potential changes.

    It's mostly hypothetical I was curious if it was even possible for someone either into (or completely indifferent to) zoo/bestiality could go high enough in politics and change the law in order to just decriminalize zoophilia in general Not necessarily making it legal, perhaps people would...