1. JoostNL

    Dutch |Photos of our private collection [ couple ]

    Hiiii My girlfriend and I are new here! We would absolutely LOVE to talk with you about our passion: girls with dogs. Wanna see something hot? Here is a link for a post about our collection ^^ Lets...
  2. K

    Need some Advice please

    Hello one and all, I'm a male in my 30s here. hope everyone is well! Sorry if I go into details, here I might be a little bit disgusting, but I am scared and I don't know who else to ask.. I am a little scared tbh and need advice.. So about 2/3 weeks ago I had sex with my sister's dog and...
  3. Lukasdvs

    Neutered but hard

    The kids I have access to is infact neutered. I'd love to have him dump his cum in my ass and knot me. But nonetheless he can still get hard. He will let me jerk him off and he will fuck me with excitement. He hasn't knotted me yet. And he does not cum. Once he fucks me for about 30 seconds he...
  4. Ozguy49

    Knotting preferences , turned or knot?

    Hi all, this is for active members both male and female, when you're doggy lover knots you do you prefer him to turn so you are butt to butt or remain on your back? Whichever way you like the most can you please tell us why, what are the pros/cons for you and your boy. I asked the same question...
  5. A

    Many couples on here?

    Hi How many of you are couples? Do you do it together or one of you is just the assistant/cam person? Xx