1. YoungFemboyUndHusky

    Has anyone ever had sex with a wild wolf, are their even any photos or videos of it anywhere?

    I have spent years on and off looking for a video of someone getting penetrated or licked by a wild wolf, but could never find such a video. I’ve heard that wild wolves are very likely to attack humans but if I could I would love to go out into the snowy mountains and befriend a pack of wolves...
  2. A

    Ri newbie ready to learn! Need help!

    I have been interested in being knotted since I was very young but was never brave enough to ask for help. Well I'm 30 now and ready to give in to a life long dream. Please help a new girl learn! Anything and everything accepted! Thank you!!
  3. ZeroVB

    ¿Penetrar o ser penetrados?

    Desde que entré a este sitio me he hecho una pregunta, ¿La mayoría de hombres que practicamos Zoo, son pasivos?. Es que en la mayoria de "Threads" que veo de perros/perras siempre hay hombres diciendo que les encanta ser penetrados (y no los juzgo, su sexualidad es suya, no mia) pero casi no...