1. k9bd

    Question for zoo ladies

    How does the mating season goes with your dog/dogs? Just curious to know, thank you in advance.
  2. F

    New transguy on the app

    I've been told about this site by a guy lately. I'm 20, from Canada, a trans guy (was born female), been fantasizing about zoo for a while. Hopefully I'll find a dog to creampie me eventually ahah 😋
  3. B

    Ladies, how long are you tied with his knot?

    It always seems in clips a dog has trouble staying inside pussy before slipping out. As a bi male, I’ve had my own personal experiences with being knotted (he literally had me locked with no other choice but to take spurt after spurt for upwards of 30 minutes). But ladies, how long does your boy...
  4. P

    Timber Wolf Review

    I only just recently tried my first knot last year, forcing a kit fox toy into me with plenty of lube on my first try. Mind you... I was still a virgin. My hole had never had as much as a finger in it as much as a whole synthetic dog penis, but I digress. As a boy I had my fair share of canine...