1. ItalianCouple

    Brand new members from Italy - Nuovi membri dall'Italia

    My wife and I just wanted to say hello to all out Italian neighbors. We moved to the country 1 month ago and would love to make some friends. Mia moglie ed io volevamo solo salutare tutti i vicini italiani. Ci siamo trasferiti nel paese 1 mese fa e ci piacerebbe fare amicizia.
  2. funcouple4u

    Her new toys!

    She finally ordered her first k9 toy and she LOVES it! It’s amazing how big these get. This is the smallest available size for this particular model.
  3. H

    Syd CBD Looking

    25 M looking for mates In NSW. Fit and healthy looking for k9/ equestrian fun or just chats and making new friends. Feel free to dm me