1. J

    Being Chatty?

    Personally with anything taboo I enjoy having someone to communicate with about it. Makes it more spicy I suppose?
  2. J

    The Age Thing

    This isn’t very introspective or very deep it’s just damn the age demographic on here seems idk older for the people who post but the younger people lurk. Thoughts?
  3. W


    Heya, Im new to the site and all that.. ive been intreasted in zoo for a few years now and sadly have never got to try anything. The main thing that made me want to try this site was the hope that someone may be willing to let me experience something with a dog or another animal. Im male...
  4. subbybiguy1203

    Recommendations for toys to prep with?

    Hello, I’m 19 and bi and really wanna experience being knotted one day and maybe even filled by a horse if im able to. I was wondering if there’s any good toys to begin preparing for knotting, I’ve got a super thick wolf cock but it’s so thick I can even take the shaft yet, I’d also wanna get...
  5. B

    Hello I guess…

    I’m a new user, 18 male, pansexual and inexperienced. I’m inexperienced because I’m just kind of really scared that I’ll accidentally hurt the animal. Tbh I don’t really know how I should go about these feelings, because there aren’t any resources I found online that didn’t call me perverted...
  6. Bdrizzy2

    Anal how to

    Hello everyone, longtime lurker but am trying to get a little more involved in the community. I know there has been plenty of posts regarding this. But I have not been able to find anything with an exact step by step process to make it as clean and fun for everyone involved as possible. I’m...
  7. L.A.M


    Iv been thinking about being inside a dog or mare (or sheep) for a long time, iv been searching far and wide for people who are willing to let me mate with their partners and it's been a good year of radio silence. What am I doing wrong?