human relationships

  1. P

    How do I convince my bf that sex with dogs could be fun?

    Hi I'm a young woman and I love my bf very much but before I met him I was into k9 stuff ever since I was a little girl so I'd love to have a dog in the future which could do me too if he'd be eager of course. My issue is I was trying to talk about it with my bf once in a small talk manner...
  2. N

    Has anyone had a partner change how they feel over time?

    I'm a year into a great relationship but the only hitch is that she feels very uncomfortable with my fetish. I always dreamed of and almost dated someone that was into it but my current girlfriend is very much against it. It's only the consent part, she actually finds werewolf porn erotic and...
  3. Latina Lover

    Zoo Boyfriend/Girlfriend

    Hello Guys I am curious to know who is looking for a potential boyfriend / girlfriend and what are the special quality, personality and values you are interested in.
  4. Z

    Issues with human relationships (how to date a zoo?)

    There are several issues with human relationships that are worth discussing (specifically, humans who are into animals sexually). This thread is about people who want to have a sexual relationship with a human AND have a sexual relationship with an animal (at the same time). The first issue is...