1. pes

    Missing woman howto

    I am going to regret this one day. But I think there is no dog guide written by a zoophile woman about how to have sex with a male dog in the howto section. All of the other female "guides" I have seen in the past were always...
  2. TheoTheGermanShephard

    Diy Cumtube retrofit

    Hay Guys and Gals I'm currently working on a process to retrofitting a cumtube to your favorite dildo. Yesterday I had my first successful "operation"😄. My medium Jorhan got his Cumtube. I'm always wanted one because I'm kind of into deepthroat and always missed the cumshot/precum. It didn't...
  3. canecorso

    Donkey guide?

    I know about multiple horse how-to's and FAQs for both mares and stallions, but I've noticed comparably very little material related to donkeys/asses. I'm familiar with the general behavior of horses, and I assume that multiple points of the zoo guides will also smoothly translate to donkeys...
  4. L

    Hi new to all this

    Hello just wanted to ask where i could get guide how to start having sex with my dog he is a German Shepherd of 2 years i have just masturbate him and been amazing would love to fin more help for the next step
  5. pes

    How to masturbate and orally please a male dog: A guide to oral sex.

    Oral sex it more or less about masturbating a male dog with the added benefit that in the end you do the masturbation with your mouth. So lets begin with how to masturbate a dog. Castration/neutering: The purpose of castration is the removal of sexual behavior. "Another benefit of castration is...
  6. M

    Hi new to this site and this type of stuff need bet of help

    HI im very new and just wanted to see if their where a good guide how to start i have a golden retriever and would like to start a relationship whit him thanks for the help
  7. DogSweden

    A Dogs Guide to Sex With Humans

    Dogs like most creatures, are innately, naturally sexual beings. But their sexuality is naturally oriented towards other dogs. They may not see us as sexual beings, however. This is something they have to learn. So, I want to talk about sexuality. His. Humans and Dogs have been living together...
  8. M

    Looking for [F/M] guide

    Hey guys and girls! A couple of months ago I read here a guide for females and male dogs. The text was hosted on pastebin IIRC I even remember it said that it was taken from the old BeastForum, and silly me didn't save it. It would help me A LOT if you could share your guides with me, please...
  9. wilddog1234

    Women guide for boar sex

    Need guidance from experienced members for boar sex.