gay k9

  1. tb419126

    Tattoo ideas

    I wasn't sure the most appropriate place for this post so I hope this is OK here. I've been thinking about getting a new tattoo and would like to get something that to the casual observer would look simple and innocent enough. But to zoos and others with a shared interest in dogs (or even...
  2. K9LUVR26

    Fully Gay male but bitches and there cookies are my biggest desire in so many ways and my primary sexual desire.

    Curiosity has anyone experienced being a fully gay cis male to mainly only be turned on by a bitch and her now I’ve learned “cookie” ?😍
  3. E minor

    Dog for the first time

    Hi, dear friends! I’m bisexual zoo guy and want to try sex with male dog (I’m bottom). Please, advise me what breed of dogs will be the best for my first anal zoosex? Additionally: I’m so in love with really big dogs, especially with alaskan malamutes?. I really want to be fucked in my ass by...