1. Sheppermutt

    Shaved Vulva/Genital Area?

    A strange question. Does anyone shave/trim their dogs' genital areas? I know it's a thing for really hairy dogs. Trimming the 'sanitary area' or something like that. But my girl is a shorthair and she really doesn't need any grooming at all. If I was to... shave/trim the fur around her vulva it...
  2. Sheppermutt

    Best way to clean cum from a dog's fur?

    Sooo, I was participating in NNN, but then... yeah. The title. Normally she laps it all up, but she can't do that when its on her face/head/radars and in other hard to reach places. It can make her fur... crusty... if she misses any. She really doesn't like being in the shower and typically she...