1. CookiePilled

    New here M21 Bi Fl🙏

    Well, this will be my first ever post on a zoo related platform. I’ve always been a lurker and overall pretty shy, but I hope to start participating in the community even more! Personally I love everything zoo related but tail holes have to be one of my favorites🥰
  2. GoopeyMoose

    Hows it going! New to Zooville, Not To Zoo.

    Well, i guess ill just give a little intro im 30, Male, Bi, and pretty heavily zoo. have been for a very long time. I was homeschooled in MD, grew up on a horse farm and had plenty of horses, rode competitively for years. Dressage, Western, Hunter Jumping, Showmanship. Was very outdoorsy and...
  3. W

    Newcomer: Orlando, FL. Mostly GWM non-owner friends? More?

    Hey new here ;) I live in Orlando and I’m a 27 y/o skinny tall white bro who’s a (mostly) gay super alpha male looking for other guys that are into M dogs, but I do highly prefer female dogs. I also have interest in mares/stallions but no experience. That’s more of a long term fantasy. Excuse...
  4. lixalot

    24 FL ftm trans man looking to chat about experiences

    as the title states i am horny and lonely and would love to get to know someone and share our experiences.
  5. lixalot

    hey! 24 ftm trans guy looking for chat

    i’m really horny and would love to exchange stories about experiences and what(k)not, hmu
  6. lixalot

    New here, looking for chat buddies

    i’m Jc, i’m 24, ftm trans man, i’ve had too surgery and i look like a man lmao, i got into zoo at a very young age and have never lost interest. i didn’t realize there was such a large community out there and i’m excited to be here. i’m in northern Florida.
  7. Apex543

    Florida Horse

    A friend of mine is looking to trying to get fucked by a horse. Does anyone know where to find one or know of someone that has one in Florida