Newcomer: Orlando, FL. Mostly GWM non-owner friends? More?


Hey new here ;)

I live in Orlando and I’m a 27 y/o skinny tall white bro who’s a (mostly) gay super alpha male looking for other guys that are into M dogs, but I do highly prefer female dogs. I also have interest in mares/stallions but no experience. That’s more of a long term fantasy. Excuse the furry pic attachments if you aren’t into that type of art but that was basically my first pornographic experience along with being knotted by a bull-mastiff dog being my first ever sexual experience of any kind.

I don’t have a hot bitch pup just yet, hoping soon and then I’ll have a companion! But in the mean time I’d like to chat or meet a local bro with a dog (or even without a woof companion like me )in the Orlando regional area that would like to be friendly :) get to chatting, talk about what you like and your experiences, exchange photos maybe, just be friends with chances of a meet up. That’s ideal anyway but really just chats are cool, the rest are just goals.

Hit me up, I don’t bite … hard. 😈💦❤️


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Hello love the sexual energy you got.

Hopefully you will find someone to match it
Unlikely, that’s why I put down that I’m definitely an alpha in this regard. I’ve run the sexual gamut and I’m always a whirlwind in anyones sex life when they experience my energy for the first time! :) thanks for the warm welcome !