1. 2

    Why aren't there more fleshlight vids?

    It may sound weird but I wish there more videos of dogs and fleshlights. Honestly though with a fleshlight you can see how just how rock hard they get, and on top of that you get to see the huge load they bust in the process. What does everybody else think about this?
  2. W

    Were to get Sheep and Ewe fleshlights and penetrable.

    Is there a place to buy them. If so then where and under what name. I can't find them anywhere online I have looked.
  3. Zaruxin

    Zaruxin - Alternative word for masturbators!

    I want to either figure out a better name or come up with a whole new word for masturbators, you probably know them by the words "fleshlight" or "pocket pussy" & I have to say it's not a good enough name that sounds sexy. Like "dildo" which is one word & sound kinda sexy. Fleshlight doesn't...