1. Mosteel

    Fish genitalia toys?

    Honestly, there isn't much to go off, for either gender. For a masturbator, i guess it could be modeled after a fish's egg chute. Although a fish irl wouldn't appreciate it, a silicon toy would have no such feelings! Fish large enough to be interesting don't really have anything going on...
  2. Mosteel

    Fish lovers thread? (Sorry dolphin lovers, better luck next time!)

    Ok ok, i can immediately tell the problem here, so i guess we need ground rules? Lemme know if this is still a no, mods. No talk about *actually* having sex with fish. Fantasy and fiction and yearnings only, for several reasons. 1.Sex with fish is not. possible. Human and fish genitalia are so...
  3. hounddog01

    Led zeppline (music band)

    Did you hear about the fish story? That's hot and funny. Even there wives watched. Google it.