1. irish1982

    My Boy

    Meet my boy Don, this picture is him at 2 weeks old, he’ll be ready to come home to me at the end of November!
  2. Pawluv

    Anyone adopt their first dog after starting self acceptance and before any zoo experiences?

    I have been into zoo porn for many years. Now I’m considering getting a small breed dog (I live in an apartment . I’ve never had a dog before but having a cat and him being a huge emotional support for me makes me want a dog even more. I’ve never had a zoo experience except for one time offering...
  3. pes

    First time hub

    First time stories are one of the most asked for thing here. Here you can read dozens of answers to these questions: These threads regularly get closed or deleted because people post too detailed stories from their youth. So when you decide to add your post, keep that in mind and read the rules...
  4. maredreamer

    How is a M/F first time?

    I’ve always had an intrigue for M/F zoo content, especially when I discovered it after thinking zoophilia was exclusively F/M. I guess a part of me got too excited over the idea to this day. To think that I could achieve sex with a relatively accessible female animal. That they could fully...