femaile and male dog

  1. Oak261515

    Male Chihuahua Topping? Small Breeds?

    Hi, newbie 22F here! I was wondering if it is possible for a male chihuahua to penetrate in missionary, and roughly what size their cocks tend to be. You see, I have quite the shallow vaginal depth limit at about 6 inches. 6.5 is a stretch for me, even with super soft (00-20 shore) silicone...
  2. Evie

    Waiting to knot, have questions

    I'm a woman who has had a sexual attraction to male dogs for a long time, but am only now starting to let myself look at taking real action. While I don't have a boy I can bond with -Living with family- I am interested if there's any advice other woman can give in regards to expectations you...