1. Horsephile

    Happy endings for city folk?

    I am a 23M zoo-exclusive who is attracted to horses (mares and stallions) and other large farm animals. I am currently in college and live in a city. Nobody in my family is a farmer or owns horses, I grew up in the suburbs. Thankfully, my parents are well off financially, so once I discovered...
  2. toy4freeuse2all

    The Farm Bitch

    My naughty fantasies do make me think more and more of all the ways I wish I could have/be used. Used on a farm, the moment I turn 18 (40 now), I am used as nothing but a bitch for some of the animals on the farm. Kept on a breeding bench regularly as the farm not only uses my holes for his...
  3. F

    Who here grew up on a farm?

    I grew up on a stud farm in Canada, how about you guys?
  4. MechWolf

    Should I bring her with me?

    Hello everyone! I would like to hear some opinions about what to do on the situation I'm facing: So, I recently went to my grandma's farm, and there I found this lovely female dog (is it ok to call her "bitch"?) called Koda. She started jumping on my leg as soon as we met, and I returned the...
  5. B

    Unquestionable fear...with farm animals.

    I never experienced having sex with animals but I am used to peting dogs and cats. I was visiting a local farm shop that has some animal farms and you can pet them. I was trying to pet the cow and the goats but I was a bit frozen. While some guest and their kids were able to pet them with no...