1. MsStone

    Tell me how you'd do it:

    How would you take the new girl into the world of bestiality for a full fuck the first time? -Are you M/F/alphabet Mafia? -F human, male dog for this scenario - do you wine and dine, dick and dash? -what is YOUR ideal scenario? I'm curious to see what the fantasy is, but also how you'd...
  2. D

    What Wild Animal Would Be The Hottest Fuck

    Im sure this topic has been brought up here before but I have to give it some fresh energy right now. I want everyone to engage in this fantasy and hear every detail of why. I'm curious if you could have sex with any wild animal what would it be?? To narrow it down some pick animals that do not...
  3. daijm

    Fantasy/wish about another animal

    Hello my friends :):) Often if im with my doggy and he jumpes on me and we do what we do you know ;);) i have the wish to get fucked by another animal doesent matter wich one.... sometimes i have the fantasy about a insect like a snake or something that goes in my pussy while i get rammed in...
  4. S

    Combining regular porn and zoo porn

    I have some ideas for interesting scenes. Let's say we have a bukkake porn scene. It just shouldn't end after all the human males finished on the woman. How about there would be dogs after that ? Let's say at this point in time there would be a woman covered in a lot of cum, then three big dogs...