1. pes

    The thing that gives me a boner

    I am giving my dog a blowjob massaging the knot and sucking on the tip. He is ejaculating in my mouth, I look in his face and he has both his eyes closed and he is panting with his tongue out.
  2. pes

    Erection issues around dogs

    I have a problem that when I start petting a dog mine or other I start getting an erection. :D This limits how much time I have to enjoy a dog. Especially if it is a sexy dog. :gsd_love: It almost got me into trouble once. :D Kissing is absolutely impossible, since that would be an instant...
  3. A

    Help with horse/donkey

    I was wondering if someone could give me some tips to arouse a male horse/donkey and even if possible make it cum, I've read before in an old forum that "fingering" the urethtra worked but I don't want to hurt it so I'd love the feedback, thanks in advance
  4. C


    Hello. Really been thinking about playing with my dog when family is out. My question is, how long would his cock take to return to normal and back in its sheath?