dogs bitch

  1. VadiaNoCio

    a year of waiting

    today after a year I'm finally going to see my canine companion again, I'm very excited because I'm already alone at home and now deciding which one I'll let ride me first, I think I'll let the older one go first, he has the biggest dick of the two and he's also the “calmest”, the youngest is...
  2. Rosie9999

    Bitch pussy in heat vs out

    Hi I have a question, how does a bitch pussy in heat feel vs when they out heat change and is it easier to have sex with them when they are in heat?
  3. VadiaNoCio

    Tomorrow will be an interesting day

    Tomorrow maybe i'll get something amazing, spend a whole day alone on the farm with my canine lovers. If it works i'll just keep an eye on a camera in the house, except where she sees it i'll give it to my partners everywhere possible. I won't finish until my ass is dripping with animal sperm hihi
  4. VadiaNoCio

    HARD dilemma

    I'm finally at the place where my canine companions live, it's the middle of the night and I'm itching to go outside and let them take turns on me. Unfortunately I know they are going to bark and such and I am scared that it will wake up my family, what should I do?
  5. Sir's Desires

    K9/Zoo Couples - what's your story?

    Hello everyone! Am interested in how couples who are here found each other and came to join a wonderful site like this. I personally think it is wonderful and amazing that you are here. Were you both into it before you met, did you both discover it after you met? Did one of you suggest it...
  6. DogLovet*winkyface

    I want to post videos but...

    Hey I'm a 21 old male from asian I have two dogs, a male doberman and a female German shepherd. I love having sex with my dogs and they are really great lovers too. Few of my close and trustworthy friends know that I am a zoophile and support me. For the past few weeks i am having urges to...
  7. W

    Animal's point of view

    I think it'd be hot to have more artwork/movies/stories seen from the beast's point of view. How does he experience a human pussy? Clearly it must be an amazing sensation, and I also like the image of them thinking of it all in pastel colors, innocence, doing nothing wrong, while in reality the...
  8. A

    18 year old m2f

    heyy im an 18 year old m2f from canada. im a lesbian for humans, but straight for animals. i love dogs, horses, cats, and dolphins im a HUGE cumslut, id love to bathe in a tub full of fresh horse cum. also kinda into rape? only fatansy really for humans, but id 100% be down to get raped by a...