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  1. UKdog

    Informed consent and power dynamic as it relates to bestiality

    I posted this on zoocomunity, but i thought I'd post it here too and hopefully more responses: Informed consent and power dynamic as it relates to bestiality with reference to a moral framework. I want to add view/opinion on informed consent and also play devils advocate in regards to...
  2. kurtcobainus

    What's your opinion on True Crime?

    As a kid, i was sucked into the world of learning about Criminals like Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Columbine. Guess i always had a fasciation with the macabre and what not. Would love to hear your opinion about True crime and related topics.
  3. Disanima

    Why zoo exclusivity is always a cause of discussions?

    I have read many threads where zoos argues on the zoo exclusivity matter and I've come to a conclusion: there are basically two factions, the ones that I will call zoo exclusive "purists", which consider zoo exclusive only those who only had relationships with animals, and the other faction, the...
  4. doggo_deer

    What Animal Made you Question Your Species of Attraction?

    The title is pretty self-explanatory, but for those who're unsure: What species did you normally think you're not attracted to, but then when you saw/interacted with the animal, you had to rethink? For me, I didn't think I was really all that attracted to canines. But Dobermans and Dalmatians...
  5. B

    about the law and potential changes.

    It's mostly hypothetical I was curious if it was even possible for someone either into (or completely indifferent to) zoo/bestiality could go high enough in politics and change the law in order to just decriminalize zoophilia in general Not necessarily making it legal, perhaps people would...