1. G

    Just some general thoughts on human and animal, relationships. And cautionary advice.

    First thing I would like to say is, I think people here take their relationships a bit to seriously with animals. Ahh so to speak, roughly. You gotta remember, animals are not humans they have limits. You can't tell a animal what you want exactly, and have them do it. An animal can't tell you...
  2. D

    Feeling Weird?

    This is one of my biggest kinks but I go through these periods of feeling “weird”. Like sometimes I’ll go weeks forcing myself to watch regular porn, looking at fat asses when I’d really like see a fat knot. Does anybody else experience this?
  3. J

    Tolerance by general people

    Do you guys think women are more accepted than men when it comes to our sexual preference? 🐾🐶 I recently saw a woman making videos and showing her face without fear of social pressure, she have a twitter (x) account promoting her content and website too with lots of likes and followers. On...
  4. Stinkyzoo13

    Do you have an uncommon animal attraction?

    By that i mean, are you attracted to an animal that isn't commonly talked about in zoo circles? For instance my main zoo attraction is skunks. Im interested in see what other animals people can be attracted to. Who knows, we might spread a few attractions! Here's a picture of a skunk ive been...
  5. L

    Evolution gone wrong?

    Whenever you read about evolution it's always the same bits of information, species A evolved this way to survive and all of these changes ensure their species continues. In the case of humans, lots of people seem to agree that our biological internal clock for wanting children is a result of...
  6. 9

    Questions for those who would want to discuss or explain.

    This is for those who are ok with these questions and are ok with talking about this, sorry in advance if this seems like a sensitive topic. What do you think of the intelligence level of commonly partnered animals, like dogs and horses? Just that, at first I was a bit zoo curious, but didn’t...
  7. AmongusSUS

    Hard decision!! LOL (read the thread before voting!!!)

    in two hypotheses? you are on a farm all alone! near to you. you have the opportunity to do whatever you want with both (since the owners trusted you, and gave you the house key!) have a stallion horse, purebred quarter horse, about to have a mating in two days time! on the other hand, the...
  8. EnderMRC

    How would you guys describe a horse penis in one word? What about a dog one?

    I was having a conversation with a friend about this topic and now I'm really curious about everyone's opinion.
  9. Realaccount9

    Mods/Admins Banning all Beast Sites

    I want to make clear I love this site and community and I think the admins/mods are doing a great job. However, on one point of moderation it feels like a gatekeeping exercise is occurring for an exclusive group within the mods/admins. The mods/admins have effectively banned mention of any...
  10. C

    How would you feel about a zoo dating game?

    Has anyone ever seen or thought of a zoo dating game? Like, one where you could romantically bond with various animals and have a partner? Like, mostly wholesome of course since, y'know, sex isn't everyone's idea of romance. I think it'd be really cute to have that, maybe even something about...
  11. shortbutfast

    Thread for favorite awful zoo porn titles on some sites (you know which ones)

    I'll start, mild spice as the op here, things get much spicier. . fixed: in lack of animal dicks, a minx fucks with her human. She ain't lackin tho, sorry hubby
  12. K9FurLife

    Group Discussion vs Group Forum

    Hi All, I noticed in the groups there can be a forum section, a discussion section or both. What's the difference between the forum vs discussion sections? Thanks, K9
  13. Zalanthe

    Zoophilia, bestiality, love, attraction, and semantic gaps

    As the introduction, let me start by A: Apologizing for if this topic has already been flipped before, it is not exactly easy to search for unless I hit the exact keywords that the search function wants. B: Apologizing for if this isn't the right place to post it, though having finally dared to...
  14. UKdog

    Informed consent and power dynamic as it relates to bestiality

    I posted this on zoocomunity, but i thought I'd post it here too and hopefully more responses: Informed consent and power dynamic as it relates to bestiality with reference to a moral framework. I want to add view/opinion on informed consent and also play devils advocate in regards to...
  15. kurtcobainus

    What's your opinion on True Crime?

    As a kid, i was sucked into the world of learning about Criminals like Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Columbine. Guess i always had a fasciation with the macabre and what not. Would love to hear your opinion about True crime and related topics.
  16. Disanima

    Why zoo exclusivity is always a cause of discussions?

    I have read many threads where zoos argues on the zoo exclusivity matter and I've come to a conclusion: there are basically two factions, the ones that I will call zoo exclusive "purists", which consider zoo exclusive only those who only had relationships with animals, and the other faction, the...
  17. D

    What Animal Made you Question Your Species of Attraction?

    The title is pretty self-explanatory, but for those who're unsure: What species did you normally think you're not attracted to, but then when you saw/interacted with the animal, you had to rethink? For me, I didn't think I was really all that attracted to canines. But Dobermans and Dalmatians...
  18. B

    about the law and potential changes.

    It's mostly hypothetical I was curious if it was even possible for someone either into (or completely indifferent to) zoo/bestiality could go high enough in politics and change the law in order to just decriminalize zoophilia in general Not necessarily making it legal, perhaps people would...