1. pes

    How to take a dick pic

    I have seen so many bad dick pics on here that I decided to write a guide about it. This applies to any dicks human or animal, humans are animals after all. Focusing basics: Automatic focusing in cameras including phones favors high contrast areas. Which means that unless you lock the focus...
  2. bunnymundpaws

    Which animal Cock you wanna make cum so bad?

    It can be any animal. Which animal do you wanna blow and make cum so bad?
  3. B

    How big are your dogs cocks?

    Curious to see who and what breed has the largest cock here. I have a GSD that is 10” from tip to knot. Anyone got any bigger?:)
  4. LoveNottLust1

    Guys! Hows your D ?

  5. FloofyNewfie

    Men, what's your dick size?

    I'm curious because I'm average sized almost 6 inches but not quite (feel free to make fun of me! lol), but like every other zoo I know has a long shlong! xD I'm actually curious is there is any correlation to penis size and zoophilia?