1. Filthysubuk

    Beast Cuckold

    Hey all, I'm a cuck and a sub. I've had plenty of experience with Dominant women and their bulls, cleaning up, getting used by the bull, etc. But lately I've been dreaming of being cucked by a girl and her dog lovers. Is this a weird fantasy to have?
  2. badnewsblack

    Being a cuck/stag makes zoo relationships 10x easier

    Most men don’t like the idea of you fucking other men. Imagine confessing you want to be stuffed like a turkey by meaty dog cock… I personally would be overflowing with support. Mainly because I’m a stag. I already enjoy my woman fucking other men. Might as well let her fuck man’s best friend...
  3. JackTorrance

    I wish there was a “couple” section

    I understand the 1 on 1, but I can’t think of anything hotter as a guy watching a woman with a dog and me jumping in.
  4. Pillar

    Marriage? Cuckoldry? WTF?

    Something just hit me. I just asked myself, is "marriage" supposed to be a closed relationship? If it is, but someone in the "relationship" changes their mind or feels like being true to themselves and their feelings and feels like sleeping with someone else (or an animal), wouldn't this be the...