1. R


    New to this site a little… just trying to figure out why there’s no new content around anymore or good sites. Used to like animalpornrocks and pornsocket but they went down and ever since there’s been almost nothing new. Does anyone know what happened? Really sucks been looking for a while now
  2. NordicJackal

    Brand new chance, should I post content?

    Just bought a brand new medium chance, with a cumtube. Should I post content here when I get it? Im a guy btw.
  3. kdi69

    Content Policy

    This is not a complaint, and I'm perfectly happy to abide by whatever rules or recommendations are put in place to encourage a healthy, smoothly-functioning community here, but I did have a thought today as I was reading through the Terms and Rules section (it's hyperlinked at the bottom of, I...