1. S

    Some back-and-forth with ChatGPT

    I wanted to see how ChatGPT responded to the common argument points between pro and anti zoophilia, without being emotionally charged as you would expect with a human on the anti-side. The responses are pretty much what you'd expect if you've worked with ChatGPT for a while, but may still be...
  2. ZZkie

    I wanted to give consent to my Best Friend's (F) Dog

    I've been recently into Beastiality this past week and I really wanted to fuck a female canine so much. And then I remembered that I have my Best Friend's Dog, she's Female and her name is Delcy, she's a half-Pomeranian and half-Dachshund breed. Every time I visit to my friend's house, she...
  3. S

    How do you guys determine what consent is?

    Hello, from my last post I still am not sure if belong here, but I think I will stay at least a little unless you want me gone. Ok so as someone related but not exactly like most of you I don’t know a lot about how things work here, even on a basic level. One huge question I have wounded is how...
  4. A

    Possible solution to the consent issue with dogs

    So i've recently spoken to someone who practices something called 'cooperative care' with their dog, which is simply put, giving the dog options to agree or disagree to, or continue/discontinue an activity. The dog chooses between two options via hand targeting (touching their noise to the...
  5. Z

    Another zoophile

    Hey zoo lovers :D I could not find any discussion about this forgive me if this already exists. How many of you would trust your pet with other zoophiles. Lets say someone came to you and told you they too were zoo lover would you trust them being around your pets? Also what would you do if you...