1. Algore25

    Made a Telegram Group for Colorado guys

    made a new telegram group For Colorado Area owners and nonowners send me a private to get invited. secret group. mostly for men who are out on the hunt. If you plan on visiting you more than welcome to apply:)
  2. DenverGuy

    How to tell if someone else is into it (subliminal memes)

    I usually send subliminal memes to people I'm talking to in hopes of getting the conversation started. I'll share a few here.
  3. colorad7

    Nervous Colorado new girl 😊

    Hi everyone. 👋It’s my birthday today! I’m hoping to get a future birthday present— my first knot. I’m shy but I’m hoping to make some new local friends. I’m 32/f, in Denver. I know I have a lot to learn and I’m so excited to be here. It’s taken me a while to become open to exploring this side of...