1. C

    Introducing myself, Colorado husky owner.

    Hey everyone!!! Chill 30 M here stoner and EDM vibe very kinky and open minded never would guess I have the tastes that I do and love chatting with and becoming friends who are open minded as well! I’m not new to the lifestyle but new to the community and am hopeful and excited. I’m open for...
  2. Algore25

    Made a Telegram Group for Colorado guys

    made a new telegram group For Colorado Area owners and nonowners send me a private to get invited. secret group. mostly for men who are out on the hunt. If you plan on visiting you more than welcome to apply:)
  3. DenverGuy

    How to tell if someone else is into it (subliminal memes)

    I usually send subliminal memes to people I'm talking to in hopes of getting the conversation started. I'll share a few here.
  4. colorad7

    Nervous Colorado new girl 😊

    Hi everyone. 👋It’s my birthday today! I’m hoping to get a future birthday present— my first knot. I’m shy but I’m hoping to make some new local friends. I’m 32/f, in Denver. I know I have a lot to learn and I’m so excited to be here. It’s taken me a while to become open to exploring this side of...