1. knotdickvarg

    Are the chat rooms more active?

    I’d assume the Chat we have would be less active than the forums here, can anyone confirm that?
  2. Cumbeelove

    Hi everyone!

    First the spicy stuff. I love dogs and horses regardless of their sex. I’ve been with my pitbull (RIP). He was a great dog and very well hung. Besides animals I like Transwomen, huge insertions, pegging, sounding, and many more. Non-Spicy I like music a lot! I also like movies, trying out new...
  3. G

    new ftm looking to chat!

    I'm 22 transmasc, looking to chat with some like minded fellow trans/queer folk! Bonus points for being in Wisconsin lol
  4. D

    Feeling Weird?

    This is one of my biggest kinks but I go through these periods of feeling “weird”. Like sometimes I’ll go weeks forcing myself to watch regular porn, looking at fat asses when I’d really like see a fat knot. Does anybody else experience this?
  5. JoostNL

    Experience thrill from a new guy

    Heey beautiful experimenting ladies! As a 28 year old Dutch male with a naughty fantasy, i am looking for someone to talk and discover my super secret fetish with. Preferrably a girl with the same mind, who is open to all the fun adventures with dogs. Love to hear something from you, Xx Joost
  6. stchbjnknl

    i wanna make more friends

    Hey everyone i’m an 18 y/o trans girl and i’d love to make more friends (especially girls and trans people of any gender) here ^_^ just message me if you’re interested in talking, i’d love to get to know you all :3
  7. Dalian2023

    Familiar Faces

    Anyone been scrolling these forums/chats and saw a pic and realised you know them? If so, have you mentioned it to them? And if you did see someone's pic that you knew, would you mention it? Just out of interest......
  8. DesireWolf

    22M, looking to talk with women with experience

    Would really like to talk to women how have experience with dogs, horses or others. I really like hearing about your experiences so please message me or respond to this to let me know if you would like to talk & share with me
  9. P


    Hello. I'm a newbie and I've been curious about this sort of thing for a while, so I decided to have a look at some vids online and found a vid of a guy putting his cock in a female pig and surprisingly I went hard. I started to stroke to it but stopped as I felt awkward as I've never stroked to...
  10. JoostNL

    Hello like minded friends! I'm new here :)

    Heey all of you, After keeping my fetish surpressed for 27 years I'm finally discovering the benefits from giving in to it. I just love watching women getting mounted and totally losing control for a moment. I'm from the Netherlands (stereotype: tall, blue eyes, blonde). I have a great...
  11. T

    Chatpartner/in gesucht, Fantasien, Erfahrungen

    Hey ich suche jemanden zum austauschen der versauten Fantasien, Erfahrungen oder eventueller Umsetzung. Meldet euch gerne.
  12. SouthPupUK

    Beast Forum Orphan - experienced bi guy looking for friends

    Hi all, used to be on BF. Met several wonderful owners on there and plenty of other friendly people. looking to make friends, give advice and chat. And if a nice person with an entire dog would have me over to play, that would be 100% bonus 🥰 now based in and around Oxford but travel around a...
  13. ZooAdicto

    What is a registration token?

    Hello, I'm trying to register in order to participate in the zooville chat, and, even though I have read the instructions, I don't know how to create a registration token.... I've tried to search in Google for a solution, but I'm still lost..... What is a registration token? How do I insert one...
  14. WolfWitch

    Feeling chatty

    Feeling kind of chatty today. So if you want to chat hit me up. Warning: I'd like to chat and get to know people on the forum. I'm not looking for a Master, partner, role play, ecertra.
  15. mxedspieciesenthusiast202

    Registration has been disabled on this homeserver.

    Hello, im looking forward to talk with other zoolovers. Please let me know how can i get into this chat
  16. T


    Hello, I’m new to zooville but messed around in beast forum. I’m 24 y/o M, straight with People bi with animals. I’m currently located in SC and am interested in getting to know some people here. Feel free to hit me up to chat
  17. Cookiepatrol

    Morning chat?

    Anybody want to talk this morning? I just woke up, kind of bored, wanna chat with a fellow zoo. Just talking is fine
  18. pes

    Chat app zoo group security/longevity

    I am wondering what experience do people have with zoo groups being deleted by the producers of different chat apps. For example there are reports of discord deleting/banning zoo room and so on. If you have a good indication a zoo group/room was deleted by the company that owns the chat program...
  19. Miloboy

    27M 4 F (active owner)

    Hi there :) Hope you are well reading this. As stated, i am a 27yo Male, owner of three beautiful pups (2 male, 1 Female). I am active will all of them. Have had some bad luck with what i have been looking for, mostly faders and fakers, but i genuinely looking for a lady to chat to (have nothing...
  20. lixalot

    New here, looking for chat buddies

    i’m Jc, i’m 24, ftm trans man, i’ve had too surgery and i look like a man lmao, i got into zoo at a very young age and have never lost interest. i didn’t realize there was such a large community out there and i’m excited to be here. i’m in northern Florida.
  21. KigaliTheForestPupper

    New England Rollcall and greetings!

    Hello all! I want to get to know some like minded individuals in my area, and wanted to see if there are genuinely any of us around. I also want to make some new friends to chat with and everything so feel free to message me :) New Hampshire here, Rochester to be exact. ^w^
  22. J

    🖤Join my chat room🤍

    Tired of abusive trolls wearing moderator masks? Want to joke around without sensitive assholes jumping down your throat? Then join me here on the element/matrix app or site (NO ZOOSADISM, PEDO OR ASSHOLES/TROLLS ALLOWED):
  23. L

    Zoo Friends (Men Only)?

    Looking for one-on-one conversations (we’ll stay anonymous) to indulge in some fun chats and photo/video exchanges ❤️ Me: F/25/Dog owner Looking to see if there’s any interest—DM!
  24. Zeb

    Introducing Myself / Looking for Group Chats

    Hi, I'm Zeb (or ζeb). I'm an 18 year old male. I just joined the forums today, but I've been a zoo for quite sometime now. At least a few years. Though, I don't have any experience and I'm looking to join a group chat so I can gain advice on what to do, or just meet other zoos and make some...
  25. A


    Ok so what about snapchatting and sharing content with like minded friends or chatting good or bad idea and why
  26. Thirsty_Boy

    Just joined - Hello from Sweden (:

    Hey! Bisexual boy from Sweden here, musician/student. I'm always looking for kinky and open-minded people to chat with so feel free to message me if you want to ^^ I'm open to pretty much anything but I would love to meet some Swedes! I've been into zoo stuff since highschool but never really...
  27. D

    What Animal Made you Question Your Species of Attraction?

    The title is pretty self-explanatory, but for those who're unsure: What species did you normally think you're not attracted to, but then when you saw/interacted with the animal, you had to rethink? For me, I didn't think I was really all that attracted to canines. But Dobermans and Dalmatians...