1. C

    Hello 👋🏻 24m new here

    Hello! I’m glad to have found this community. Curious how long it will take to upgrade from lurker status. I am not an owner, so I wonder if it will take a while because I don’t have a top to share pictures with
  2. luke jagger

    Easy to have land and horses in Canada ?

    Heyy guys, I’m living in Europe, and moving to Canada this year. I was wondering if it was common or easy to get horses in Canada ? Is the weather isn’t too cold to have equines ? Thanks for the awnser 😁
  3. copernicus

    New, 28m from bc sloppy seconds

    New to the forum I’m a 28 m from bc, looking for friends that have been knotted to have sloppy seconds with msg me
  4. reddynator

    Hi! 28, bi, QC

    Good morning, Happy to have stumble on that forum. Such an immense amount of information! I'm still new to all this even though I always knew I liked zoo. It's nice to be able to chat with like-minded people. I prone respect, trust and openness. I'm in the greater Montreal region. Hit me up...
  5. Daddy'sPuppy

    Hello from a Canadian girl 🍁💗

    Hello! Just posting here for fun and was just wondering if there's any Zoo groups that I could possibly join? Either Telegram or Discord or both! Since I can't DM here just yet, just shoot me a message for my information on DELETED 2. Do not include phone numbers, emails, KiK, Telegram, Wickr...
  6. B

    Newcomer from Ontario, Canada

    Hey there all! I’ve been in this site for a bit and BF in the past too. More of a lurker then anything lol I am a 30 year old male who is bi and sexually flexible but have been into zoo for probably 15 years. Have always had fantasies and love reading stories about experiences. I am in Ontario...
  7. D

    Thinking of owning a dog....

    I'm single, i'm in my 40s and I crave for affection. I am thinking that maybe a dog would be good for me. I am doing a lot of research and there are a few things that are stopping me to get one, time, money and the desire to travel. I also don't want to sterilize my future pet unless it a...
  8. D

    Owning a dog questions.

    I am lonely. Dating sucks. I need constant affection. I wonder if owning a pet could help with this but I know that owning one can have some challenges as well. Those are my questions. 1-I know that you need to be outgoing to own a dog and have A LOT of time for them. I am curious to know if...
  9. Kitana

    New member Girl from Canada

    HI Girl from Canada Newfoundland 29 year Owner of a rottweiler boy. I found this form on The podcast Zooier Than Thou on spotify. I was super happy to see so many others with the same interest for dogs. I have a girl friend with the same interest she will also join the forum she has a few more...