bitch anatomy

  1. loljoemoe

    Do spayed dogs enjoy vaginal sex

    My husky has been spayed and I want to maybe get sexual with her but I’m afraid she either will not like it which in that case I would immediately stop what I’m doing I’m not dumb or the spay would make it impossible without causing damage I’m basically just looking for some info on the topic...
  2. F

    Why the bitch dogs sometimes have a big and swollen pussy?

    Hi guys. I have a question. Why the bitch dogs sometimes have a big and swollen pussy?It's because the strong of a zoophilia fuck? Or just because the heat? Is normal? Do you like this guys or prefer the littles one? Can send to me some pics or videos of bitchs with huge pussy? Tnks. English...
  3. stagefryte69

    Sighthound Bitches?

    Hello all, zoo curious guy wondering if its possible to have sex with sighthound bitches. Mainly curious is if my dick will be able to fit in one or not. Obviously a whippet won't be able to, but i am curious if maybe an Afghan or a saluki might. This is my first post on the sight and i look...
  4. IHO

    Fem Dog Anatomy Pics from ZV1

    (my thanks to the original poster)