big dog

  1. jacobainsworth257

    Okay stupid question but fuck it I’ll ask: larger breeds or smaller breeds and why?

    I’m very bias because I fucking love size difference, but big dogs for sure. More drooly and loving (in my experience) What about you guys? :)
  2. jacobainsworth257

    What kinda dog would you want to make out with for hours straight?

    I’m just curious, post pics or not, up to you. I’m not real good on dog breeds yet lol For me it would have to be a huge St. Bernard, super slobbery (I would hope)
  3. R

    A New Zoo's First Breed Recommendations (Request)

    I'll make my introduction with the fact that this dog will likely be a companion and I'll definitely chicken out and just love the thing like all dogs I've had before... BUT I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested. The only problem is the laundry list of requirements for this dog, as it...
  4. jacobainsworth257

    Would anyone like to talk stories about first times with BIG dogs? When was it?

    I dunno why but the size difference compared to smaller dogs makes it so much hotter! Dms are also nice as well!
  5. I

    I need help getting my dog hard, any tips?

    he’s licked me before, but nothing more, I really wanna feel his dick touch me :(
  6. zoozee

    anyone else dog watch?

    not like going to.the dog park to watch the chaos(although im sure that would be fun too) i just mean , watching dogs pass while out walking and stuff. small interactions, your eyes snap to a gorgeous dog across the street. maybe you feel a little tinge in your crotch. maybe you hustle a bit to...
  7. DandelionSalad

    K9 Virgin in Vegas

    I'm available most afternoons. Non smoker 420 friendly.