bay area

  1. R

    20 f newbie

    Hi! I’m very new to the zoo community. I like male and female dogs and horses, I’m pretty open to everything. I have session and tg if anyone wants to pm we can chat there or here. Looking to make new zoo friends and learn about the community!! Pls hit me up with tips and friendly advice!!
  2. Thirstee4seed

    New here, I have to make 10 of these?

    A friend from across the country(US) referred me here bc I'm in Cali and struggling to find fun, safe, & like-minded friends. So... one down, nine more to go. Unless I totally misunderstood. Anyway. I am in neeed but am willing to be patient ❤
  3. F

    24 M, San Jose, Cali

    Looking for some cool females in SoCal or NorCal that’s into male k9’s. I move around cali alot so pretty mobile, pretty new to this as well so just hit me up!