bad dragon

  1. NordicJackal

    Brand new chance, should I post content?

    Just bought a brand new medium chance, with a cumtube. Should I post content here when I get it? Im a guy btw.
  2. N

    What is the best firmness for Chace? (the bead dragon)

    I cant easily order the tests because it will only ship over 180 bucks so im curious what firmness fits best, and what size maybe too
  3. KnottyAbbeyV

    K9 toys

    I know this subject has been post in different way but I need some help with this. Bad Dragon isn't taking orders at this time. I fell in love with XL Rex and I want one really bad. I already have the XXL chance horse one. So I love the quality of Bad Dragon. Is there a K9 dildo that matches the...
  4. W

    Oh How I Wish I had Bought a Large

    I bought my first Bad Dragon, a Flared Chance in small. He’s wonderful but not big enough to be satisfying by itself. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  5. TobyTurner69

    Best real horse colour BD CHANCE

    Hi there, Hope everyone is well, just wondered what everyone body’s thoughts wereon how to get a realistic coloured chance, Iv tried mixing and matching various colours but they don’t look real enough. I know bad dragon do special orders for the old realistic look but it’s to minimal. I...
  6. Rexpup

    My fave toy ♡

    It's a bad dragon toy that doesn't come like this anymore, it's got a rough texture and I love it so much!! Anyone else got any toy recommendations?