1. C

    Confession : butt & crotch sniffing dogs

    Anyone on here get turned on when dogs sniff your private parts? I’m a gay male and I’ve been around dogs all my life wether family or friends so I know that’s just what they do but everytime I’m over and they stick their nose there I get turned on. For me I think it’s the mix of hearing the...
  2. C

    Women Do you prefer Knotted on Pussy or Ass?

    The question for women experienced is what hole do you prefer to be knotted on Pussy or Ass?
  3. X

    Besides beast stuff any ladies/trans want to show off their booty

    Let’s switch it up for a little bit aha
  4. L

    Pussy or Ass?

    Looking to see what peoples preferences are. What’s your preference if you’ve tried both? What’re your reasons for preferring one over another? Mainly interested in canines but if you’ve got a good explanation for any other species drop a comment!
  5. J

    Share your best dog porn!

    Hi petlovers! Feel free to share your best dog porn! Thanks!
  6. Texntyler

    How do you keep the knot in if you can't reach it?

    Periodically I left my dog hump and fuck me but because I like to stretch myself sometimes his knot always comes out and it's painful but I would rather be filled up until his dick goes soft is there a safe way for us to stay tied even though I can't reach? Also so I'm a male and he does knot...
  7. Z