1. kalli9922

    What are the best methods for getting cum?

    I heard of the "cramp" method for male horses some months ago. I think i've seen it in a Goldstud-Video where the man squeezed around the end of the cock, the flare. Is this good? And i saw way too often in videos that the horse cock got very dry and unhealthy while stroking too much. Can...
  2. E minor

    Does “Bestiality Personal Ads & Meetup” really works? ?

    All users of ZooVille! Do you ever use this section on our forum for having sex with animals? Did it help you to find animals? Is there any danger or risks, if I have found an owner on ZV and meeting up with it IRL? I wanna found dog owners who can give me it’s pet (male or female, it...