1. dejenerek

    uno de mis artista zoo favorito (furronika)

  2. Biguyharrisburg

    What type of porn would you like to see more of here on zv? - Other

    I’m curious about what sort of porn people would like to see more of here on Zooville. This particular pole is geared towards those with an interest in seeing porn other than males or females with animals, but ill also be posting a poll for Males w/ Animals, and one for Females w/ Animals as...
  3. lisalaura

    «Zoophilie» - Award-Winning Documentary

    So the documentary «Zoophilie» from Ursa Kastelic won the Alexis Victor Thalberg - Price at the Zurich University of the Arts in 2020. The 18min long documentary is available here with subtitles.
  4. T

    Vintage Erotic Zoo Illustrations and Art

    This pretty niche (and I'm not sure whether it belong in the Porn section or not). Just wondering if anyone else here is interested in pre-photographic depictions of bestiality and zoophilia. Anything from high art to porn. Illustrations, paintings, sculpture. The Victorian period being a...
  5. Nelev23

    Opened commissions - I'll draw anything!

    Hello friends! :D My name is Nelev and I am a furry illustrator from the US. I have recently opened my NSFW commissions (and SFW too, of course!). Here are some examples of my work, I hope you like them! You can ask me for a completely personalized commission, I work using Paypal. Don't hesitate...
  6. I

    Am I a zoophile through my art and style?

    Hello everyone! So actually, as I draw a lot of NSFW stuffs here, I just had a thought in my mind after a drawing has been done recently. The drawing in question is a picture of 2 elephants showing their penines to each other, one sitting and the other standing; it was an art request. After I...