1. N

    Trans girl looking for friends

    Hiii I'm trans mtf 23 pan looking for friends near me feel free to pm me ❤️🏳️‍⚧️😍
  2. RandomArkansasGuy

    New to this

    I’m from Arkansas and I’ve been curious about this kind of stuff since I was a young teen and I want to see if some people out there could help me experience this for the first time. I’m a bi 18 m
  3. F

    37/m looking for female from Arkansas

    So I'm new to this site but I'm a 37yr old white Male from central Arkansas and would love to find a female that is into beastailty. I still have a lot to learn myself but have been into this for year's I'm just now getting to where I can explore this lifestyle.
  4. Shyfur

    20M Arkansas fur looking for a mare uwu

    Hi all, new to all this but not to zoo. It all started for me waay back when I was 8, watching the other boys take turns on our mare, n by thcourage I got old enough and built up the courage, we had to move onto a different farm with stallions... didnt stop me tho! I've had fun with dogs and...