1. H

    Everyday live with our Animal companions

    Hi everyone I'm new on this forum and I would be interested to hear your everyday live with your animal companions. For example how you start your day, what you normally do after work and what kind of romantic relationship you have. I myself don't have animal companion yet, but I'm interested...
  2. Goattobeloved

    Saint Antony, patron of farm animals (and zoos maybe)

    Not sure where to place, and hoping (against hope?) it does not hit the DF... Ok, so Jan 17. Saint Anthony. An odd saint that is represented with animals around, even accompanied by a pig that always followed him. He is officially the patron and protector both of farmers and farm animals...
  3. W

    Best non-dog domestic animal for sexual encounters?

    Obviously I don't plan on sticking my dick in a hamster but what small domestic (indoor pets) are good to interact with sexually? Good lickers, receptive to masturbation, not likely to bite your cock off? And most importantly which ones can you interact with sexually and it not be abusive? As...
  4. CaiphusCanineSlut

    Couples and Animals...

    Are there any couples in meaningful relationships with their animals? I always see people talk about finding someone that can accept or join in their Zoo lifestyle or mention that they had a falling out with a human lover over their animal lovers. So, I was just wondering, are there any...
  5. RexShepherd

    Wholesome animal memes

    Bleach for your eyes material only. If you've had too much of the bullshit that spoils this site, come here and enjoy the animal related feel-good memes.
  6. pes

    Training animals for sex

    1. Training animals for sex. 2. Preventing animals from requesting sex in awkward moments. 1. Training animals for sex with people: This question does come up from time to time and people often have different opinions about it. I am going to present an explanation of what it means to train...
  7. ukbiuk

    Love vs Lust , Humans vs Animals

    This is a tricky one to explain, and the topic is inspired by some of the answers in the thread , men preferring animals to women, So.. if an active zoo met a human and fell totally in love, mind body and soul, do you think zoo activities would stop ? I think what im trying to say is , are we...
  8. J

    What sort of porn here interested you most?

    While most of us who look for porn are often "open minded" in some areas, we should also have a main focus, a main kink we are hoping to find here and else where. Obviously some things are too rare to get to enjoy as often as others but if you think about it, you'll see they are what you truly...
  9. E minor

    What does animal vagina and it’s fluids taste/smell like? ?

    I am once again asking you for your impressions about: Dog Horse Maybe other animals ... vagina smell and taste. And how different is animals from humans?
  10. E minor

    (zoo-virgin asks) What does animal penis and cum smell/taste like? ?

    I have no any sexual experience with animals and I’m interested, what does: Dog Horse Cat (why not?) ... penis and cum smell and taste like? ? Please tell me your impressions about it’s taste. And how different is animals from humans?