The Road to Wirikuta is a literary journey and five-part series, exploring the fantastic and mundane of life as a member of one of the world’s most psychedelic and zooey Indigenous communities. Part personalized-retelling of the Wixárika Creation Story, part anthropological self-examination, this series aims to build bridges between the online zoo community and one of the world’s oldest zoo communities. Join us on this exploration of the rich legacy and follow along in our Ancestor’s footsteps.
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  1. The Road to Wirikuta: A New Dawn For Us All

    Shaking the stone off me, I returned to my standing form. A large mountain had been left in the...
  2. The Road to Wirikuta: The Battle of El Cerro Quemado / The Burned Mountain

    We neared Wirikuta, the place of the gathered Beings. Our plan was a simple one. This sacred...
  3. The Child

    Kayumari winced at the sight of The False Light, inhaling a sharp breath. She seemed to notice...
  4. The Blossoming of the Kieri

    “We’ve arrived,” said Kayumari, the Blue Musician, easing gently into a stop. The three of us...
  5. Humble Beginnings

    A long time ago, before the Sun had first taken wing and the Gods were still young, there was...

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I am really interested to hear more of this. It sings to me in many ways.
When I was about 18 I took acid with friends in this incredible wilderness park on the West Australian coast. This dog appeared out of nowhere and he said to me that if I let him nip my hand he will take me for an adventure around the bay. I said okay. And he did bite me but not hard, just enough to pull me at first along with him. And he guided me around the beach and bay. Exquisitely beautiful. I was naked in this pristine beautiful place, me this dog and my friends. I told them that the dog had spoken to me and they laughed and told me I was just high. I have also taken psychedelics in Peru and I have known for some time the expression of sex as primal creative force of the cosmos. So Im eager for your next instalment. Thank you.
Pampariyutsi / Thank you for sharing your experience Minxen! I hope you enjoyed your walk around the bay and time in Peru with the wonderful Shipibo People. I find today it's it's all too common in Westernized societies to minimize our ability to communicate with all of life. If you watch the film, "Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians" you'll be able to watch clips of Mara'akames communicating with our other-than-human relatives. I hope you enjoy the next installment!
super interesting. I doubt very many of us, even in the Americas knew about these people.
Pampariyutsi / Thank you! We're uncommonly heard of, but more people are familiar with our art. If you look up "Huichol Chaquira Gourd Bowl" on an image search platform of your choice, you may recognize some of our art. If not, once you've seen it, it's hard to forget!