The QH Zeta Hour

The QH Zeta Hour

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  1. Frusterations of a Modern Zoo - Captains Log 99039.72

    I am sorry that I haven't written a blog in so long x.x. I have been working on something big...
  2. Captain's Log Stardate 99020.27 - Not Much to Say

    Well this a completely late and will probably seem like a double posting because I will probably...
  3. Captain's Log Stardate 99014.79 - Brownie Points

    Well, here I sit typing and wondering if I am a bad example. I decided that I could cater more...
  4. Captain's Log Stardate 99013.18 - Clickbait

    Here I am again like I am every day writing this blog! I think it's been fun so far it's keeping...
  5. Captain's Log Stardate 99009.22 - Loving Life & Dogs

    space space space Does titling this with a stardate scare people off I wonder? Eh, well this is...
  6. Captain's Log Stardate 99008.19

    Space story when I'm not feeling like booty x.x Well, I woke up a bit late today. I don't have...
  7. Captain's Log Stardate 99004.92

    space adventure after the house is cleaned lol. Well, I will be honest as of yet I haven't done...
  8. Captain's Log Stardate 99002.44 - Money

    LOG FROM THE CAPTAIN BEGINS WITH: Fantastic progress and even better news! We were able to...
  9. Captain's Log Stardate 98999.36 - Zooier Than Thou Personal Thoughts (I love you guys but...)

    LOG FROM THE CAPTAIN BEGINS WITH: Well, we have finally made our way deeper into the wreckage...
  10. Captain's Log Stardate 98998.14 - Network

    LOG FROM THE CAPTAIN BEGINS WITH: Executive Technician Bones has figured a way to restore the...
  11. Captain's Log Stardate 98994.32 - Synthwave

    LOG FROM THE CAPTAIN BEGINS WITH: Executive Technician Bury B. Bones believes that we can start...
  12. Captain's Log Stardate 98991.8 - TV Shows

    LOG FROM THE CAPTAIN BEGINS WITH: There appears to be extensive damage to the ship's lower half...
  13. Captain's Log Stardate 98987.3 - Recovery

    LOG FROM THE CAPTAIN BEGINS WITH: It has been 300 years since our crew left for the excellent...

Latest reviews

Yay, another blog! Whooo!

Anywho, just wanted to say that I enjoy reading about your daily antics so far. It’s like a nice little slice of life show, and the way you write about normal everyday life gives things a very human appeal. Also, your relationship with your girl sounds beautiful. I look forward to reading more!
Wow thanks. I know its not the best blog but it wasn't supposed to be. I just wanted to show the world that we arnt some horrible insidious monsters. We are normal people with normal lives. I appreciate the review it really helps with the motivation for writing this XD.