Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods


My life for the most part is not how I planed it to go. If it had, I'd have a pet dinosaur by now. But now I stumbling through it like I'm lost in the woods. But even as I walk deeper into the thicket, I like to think about more familiar trails as I go. Paths I've helped beat into the earth with sets of paws leading the way. Tall hills that were annoying to look up at, but had some of the best views when I got up them. Trails that lead to new adventures and some that unfortunately ended.

With whatever set of dogs I decided to bring out with me, I start to remember and think about things as I hike around the woods with them. How my partners came into my life. How some of them left. How new life began and where my zoo self fits into it all. I'm not sure where this personal blog will go with my past experiences and thoughts I have out on the trails, but I'll try to make things at least a bit enjoyable for everyone to read.


I'm not using any real names for obvious reasons, so here are the nicknames for everyone in this blog.

If I ever use 3rd person for myself, I'm Human1. It's decided and I'm not changing it.

My male husky will be called, Mountain. He's big, stubborn and barks a lot, just like mountains (I assume since I've never seen a mountain in person).

My male mutt will be called, Buddy. It's just a good classic name.

My female husky will be, Mrs. K.

And finally, the overlord will be called Cat.

That's it for the main critters and Human1 in this, so thanks for making it this far.
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Latest reviews

It’s really good so far can’t wait for more
Good job on the photos and narrative. I’m also a wanderer of trails and a nature and dog lover. Your entries are well edited and fun to read. Great photos, too.
Thank you and thanks for the 5 stars!
Please do leave more. This is so apropos to me, except I'd be anthro instead of human, among other anthros. This does reflect my life at present. Though Tolkein said "not all who wonder are lost." I feel as if I am a new forest, that feels like home, but also feels new.
I'll try my best to keep it a regular thing ^^ Thanks for the 5 stars!
Thanks for the 5 stars ^^
Feral!! I was so excited when I saw you started a blog. I absolutely adore this so far! As a fellow nature nut, it’s so refreshing to hear others enjoying the natural world around them, and the pictures are gorgeous so far. The way you write is so vivid I can almost feel myself there. Give your pack lots of love for me! I can’t wait to read more :)
Thanks Fish! I'll try to keep the updates from the hikes coming ^^
Great start and subject matter. I look forward to reading more from you.
Thank you and I hope I can deliver something of entertainment for you.