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Zoo Research and Data Kavanaugh & Maratea (2016). Identity, Resistance, Moderation in an Online Community of Zoosexuals

Kavanaugh, Philip & Maratea, R.J.. (2016). Identity, Resistance and Moderation in an Online
Community of Zoosexuals. Sexualities. 19. 3-24. 10.1177/1363460715583585.


Regulation plays a key role in the construction of sexuality. Given the extent to which new
forms of communication technology have had a liberating effect on the production of new
discourses emanating from historically marginalized sexual communities, this study examines
how zoosexuals active in an online community work to construct, assert and manage their
sex-based identities, situate their sexual practices, attempt to resolve.

Keywords: Zoosexuality; Ecofeminism; Counter-publics; Discourse; Virtual communities

This study is posted for educational and informational purposes only.