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Zoo Books Josef Massen (1994) Zoophilie: Die sexuelle Liebe zu Tieren (english)

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This is a rare old book that I managed to acquire a few months back for a premium, after reading a glowing recommendation from an old zoo (declaring it to be "maybe the best resource on zoophilia" or something to that effect). Allegedly it was written by a criminologist who spent decades researching the topic. Since the information came to me that it's not going to be reprinted, and I couldn't find a pdf copy anywhere, I took it upon myself to scan it and machine translate it to english for the benefit of the zoo community. It's a very unpolished translation, but it's at least readable; I originally meant to hold it back and clean it up some more, but due to certain recent circumstances, I am not feeling up to the task anymore. Still, enjoy it for what it is, and hope it'll bring some luck to you.
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Something old but interesting.
such hard to find compreensive information on the subject