Intravaginal Administration of Dormosedan Gel

Intravaginal Administration of Dormosedan Gel

Anesthesiologist finds new route to sedating mares. Note that donkeys and mules can require 2 to 4 times the horse dose due to their different metabolisms.
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I've been using the vaginal route with Dormosedan gel for about 3 years - It works great. My jenny is down to needing a 1/4 dose which is just enough to take the edge off. I learned about it from a Vet school study on the effects and effectiveness.
my local vet told me about this, and this is WAY better than trying to give my jenny a shot in the neck. sadly, she needs sedation for the farrier.
I have two equines that require sedation for either the farrier or the vet. Both dislike needles. Pre sedating them with Dormosedan Gel takes enough of the edge off to where they're more amenable to treatment and/or trims. Typically though they both require further sedation though via IV. I hope this works well for both you and your jenny. Be aware however that donkeys and mules typically require a stronger dose (like 2X) than a horse does.
I wonder, since it seems to be so common as to be called routine, if the usual "mostly Dorm with a spritz of Xylacine" cocktail would work the same administered this way, rather than as the usual IV dose?
Thanks for your review and comment. I've not come across anything regarding Xylazine being offered as a sublingual gel as Detomidine is with Dermosedan or even as a gel cocktail. The article compares the administration of Detomidine as a gel to intravenously with the discovery that it is more effective when given to female equines via the vaginal mucous membranes over sublingually or intravenously. From personal experience I've found trying to administer any gel under the tongue to be challenging with those equines I've had to administer it to. I was most pleased to discover this alternate route which is VERY easy with the mares I care for as they are all familiar with having their female parts handled.