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I've noticed there were some misconceptions on this bill in recent articles. Upon reviewing the bill, I have not noticed anything that indicated relating to anything sexual involving an animal. Unless when they refer to 18 USC 2241 and 2242 as being a person. This section is detailing threats/bodily harm to a person.

The section before. If this is the intended law they included. Which is Sec. 1365. Tampering with consumer products.
I feel like that's self-explanatory.

Overriding State Law!
I'm going to jump all the way to this part where many antis believe this will be worse than state laws. While this may be true. This doesn't mean that the feds will be giving a life sentence to an abuser. This also does not override any state law. This only provides more tools for the federal government combat the extreme animal abusers. (Boy, do I know someone they should be watching. But back to the post.)

From the Fact sheet:
The PACT Act would not interfere with state cruelty laws, and would be modeled on the federal animal fighting law
As there is already a law on this provision. This only strengthens what they define as "animal-crushing"
This also means, it becomes a federal crime if taking video possession across state borders, or from outside countries.

The PACT Act would strengthen the 2010 law
•The purpose of the PACT Act is to strengthen the 2010 law that makes the depiction of animal cruelty a crime, but allows the cruelty itself to go unpunished.
•The PACT Act would make it a federal crime for “any person to intentionally engage in animal crushing if the animals or animal crushing is in, substantially affects, or uses a means or facility of, interstate or foreign commerce.”

Lookup H.R.5566 - Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010

The house has given 5 legislative days for any changes in the bill before it is passed on to the Senate.

I will be waiting for updates and come back with anything new.