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Companion Horsemanship (For those dying of thirst)

Attraction can mean many things. From a budding curiosity, to a taste of something abnormally erotic; a zoo may experience many different feelings toward their object of desire.

Horses, in particular, represent a connection to a human more necessary than just mere companionship. The intelligence of a horse, and that horse's responsiveness to a human depends greatly on the capacity of that horse, and the connection to that human.

In my particular experience, I've gained a much more meaningful and emotional relationship with my horses with our companionship. I wouldn't say that they're all cold fishes, but a horse will likely only see its human partner as a convenience and not a sexual object. (Granted if you do a very, very, very good job of satisfying their desires when they show it, you can gain a very "human-like" mate who desires you.) The trick is to not screw it up with over-zealous ambition when they decide you are a means to their gratification.

Horses are creatures of extremes. They can be extremely masculine and feminine at the same time. Their muscles are more impressive than the hardest body you could ever find on an adult image board. Their breath can be overpowering and arousing when shared. Their eyes are deep, soft, soulful and hypnotic. Their facial expressions are disarming and trustful. Every part of them is like an exaggerated fantasy of the best you can find in any human, from their gorgeous manes and tails to the bits we yearn to stimulate. Horses are sex gods when they mate, but at every other moment they're not doing that, I consider them to be guardian angels.

It took me a long time to learn to put my personal lust in the backseat, and place their wellbeing above my own. They were always high on my list of beings I admired, even before I had one of my own. Give your horse, or your chosen horse your time first. If you're lucky enough to have a hornball equine that starts showing signs, don't screw it up. (Meaning don't go too far too fast). I'll have to post a video of my mare having fun in a little while. I had to build up to it, but once she started getting the hang of it, she was such a happy girl. :cool:
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this is an amazing story, it's true that we put our lust over their heath and I'm improving every day.
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