Do male dogs calm down when having regular sex?

Your dog would be calm with you while clothed but when he sees you naked he is gonna want to play. Mine was like that, he always calmed down after knotting me until he was done. There were times when I was busy and he would actually come to me wanting sex and I would ignore him. My husband would get upset with me for ignoring my pit, and would remind me it was my responsibility to take care of his needs since I was his bottom. My husband is not really a zoo, but very zoo supportive. He will play and partake but I am more the zoo in our family.
your husband sounds like such a dream partner
dogs are different especially in character, somewhat like humans, and their needs and daily routines manifest them differently, I must admit though that the daily routine if satisfied makes them calmer from my personal experience
Depends what you mean. Short term, after a successful mounting (to completion), he will be on alert for another few minutes afterwards (until his erection fully subsides). Then definitely calmer than normal. Happier. Sleepier. A lot like human males really. ;)
Long term, does regular sex make a male dog calmer than a dog who never gets any? I would say probably not.
Long term calmness, would have FAR more to do with whether his life in general - is he safe, well cared for, well fed, have companionship, praised, appreciated and loved. Sex is just a nice bonus on that list of things creating a happy life. Again.. a lot like human males.