1. lisalaura

    Favourite Youtube Channels

    I have already searched the forum but couldn't find anything on this topic. I wonder which YouTube channels you like. Here are some of my favourites. woof bark growl Beckman's Dog Training
  2. B

    Sex with dogs: health repercussions and legislation

    Interesting reflections of a veterinarian on the subject that interests us (youtube video) sex with dogs
  3. Foggo

    Youtube, great resource / clip I really feel for this woman. It's really hard for me to see society's condemnation of this beautiful love and passion. Great video. If anyone has similar content from YouTube? Feel free to continue the series. P.S. Sometimes...
  4. pes

    Werewolf biology

    This is how furries are made. :D
  5. FloofyNewfie

    What's the last YouTube video you watched?

    Post a link of the last YouTube video you watched! (It doesn't need to be necessarily zoo related) I'll start with this hilarious video, I nearly died laughing when he started talking about Clifford The Big Red Dog's dick!
  6. pes

    Fake animal rescue

    I recently found this on youtube: The video is censored and does not show explicit content. Basically some people in apparently Vietnam fake rescue animals and make money on youtube. They use the same animals in many videos on many channels and put them in life threatening situations and...
  7. DogSweden

    Which YouTube channel Is Best?

    Link to your top three favorite YouTube channels :) These are my three 1. goonzquad 2. Larson Farms 3. DemolitionRanch
  8. O

    YouTube activism and a few other quick issues

    Hello, If you've ever been open about your zoosexuality online, you've probably encountered a few things: Getting banned from any venue in which you merely even float the idea that maybe zoosexuals have a valid viewpoint. A repeated insistence that you are "dumb" or "stupid" just for being...